I Know Someone Who Needs Help

If you need help or you know someone who does, please let us know immediately. We are all connected in a supportive network. And sometimes we need to reach out and reunite to strengthen our bonds.

Step 1: The Client himself needs to ask for help.

Tell them T.R.Y.:
  • Is a faith-based organization
  • Gives a "Hand-up" not a "Hand-out"
  • Wants to help if they seek change and are willing to surrender their old lifestyle
  • Provides a structured and family-oriented environment to prepare them for returning to the community

Step 2: Get them to call, write or email

  • Give them our address, phone number (330.785.9294) or have them fill out an

Step 3: The Client needs a financial sponsor for 4 months

  • Sponsors are the true support behind our healthy support system. T.R.Y. clients are provided the necessary provisions to begin a healthy start and build strong, meaningful relationships with community members. See for yourself the progress sponsors have made with our T.R.Y. clients.

    Click here to Sponsor a T.R.Y. Client