Relationship-Based Reentry

Truly Reaching You Ministries does more than reach out. It creates a healthy network between clients, employers, families, friends, communities, key partnerships and God. We are all affected by each other. To prepare men and women for permanent reentry into the community, T.R.Y. teaches them how to overcome social isolation and build healthy relationships by reestablishing trust and surrendering unhealthful ways.


According to a recent report from the Urban Institute Justice Policy Center, the two most common barriers to successful re-entry are housing and employment. However, even with these, the number of men and women returning to prison remains high due to a lack of building healthy relationships.

The Annie Casey Foundation, a private charitable organization dedicated to helping build better futures for disadvantaged children and families, indicates that family and other close social connections are the most likely people to provide the needed emotional and financial support to a person re-entering the community. T.R.Y. Ministries finds it to be true that those with access to supportive networks are more likely to make a successful transition.

Healthy Support System

Relationship-Based Re-entry is successful due to our Healthy Support System. This family-oriented environment provides these men and women with a place to live, a basic time-management structure, productive ways to spend their time and positive feedback and encouragement.

Success Criteria

  1. Desire to work and make change in their lives
  2. Surrender old lifestyle
  3. Learn to live respectfully amongst each other and contribute to a family, oriented healthy support system
  4. AFTER initiative

AFTER Initiative

Available: A person who moves contrary to feelings. They think of, and help others because they know somebody else's needs are greater than their own needs.

Faithful: A person who follows through on commitments. A person who is worthy of trust in small things and grows in becoming worthy of trust in increasingly bigger things.

Teachable: A person who lives in humility. A person who has interdependent, vulnerable relationships with others and actively surrenders their old ways based upon guidance and correction.

Effective: A person actively growing in all three areas; Available, Faithful and Teachable.

Responsive: A person who has become Available, Faithful and Teachable. A person who proactively understands the big picture of moving forward in their lives and overcomes the obstacles that get in the way. He/She focuses on being effective... living with what they have.