Getting Involved With Those Left Out.

Starting over is never easy. Accepting a change in lifestyle, finding new work and seeking out family-based support and strong relationships is hard enough for anyone. For people often neglected by society, T.R.Y. provides the services, certified staff, structured programs and social environment necessary to give the motivation and inspiration to become active, responsible and valuable members of their families and communities.

  1. T.R.Y. collaborates with parole/probation officers, prison chaplains and its partners to coordinate community service opportunities for men and women. Through community service T.R.Y. gets to know the clients to see if they are ready to commit themselves in the T.R.Y. program.
  2. By providing drug-free, transitional housing that is structured for family-style living, clients build new relationships based on trust, fellowship and love.
  3. T.R.Y. prepares clients with a variety of employment and life training sessions to help them build awareness, gain confidence and develop useful skills to seek employment and interdependence as they rejoin their community.
  4. T.R.Y. reaches out to men and women who seek positive change. The ministry helps them build a holistic healthy support system, where they can interact with each other in a family environment.
  5. During their sentence and upon reentry, T.R.Y. interacts with the client's children and spouse to help the family prepare for a positive reunion.