How Your Gift is Used

The simple graphs below demonstrate how your money is used and how many people it served.

10% Administration

6% Community Service

  • Leading and working alongside 300+ men who performed 7,000 hours of community service

3% Outreach

  • National Night Out Against Crime

    • Provided Backpacks with School Supplies to 143 children
    • Provided Health and Prostate Screening to 400 adults in partnership with Summa
    • Provided a gift to 400 adults attending from the in-kind donations we received from United Way Gift-In-Kind, Home Depot, and Downing Exhibits
    • Provided Thanksgiving Food Baskets to 90 families
    • Provided a Christmas celebration and gifts for 234 children of incarcerated parents and their caregivers

25% Transitional Housing

  • provided 120 man-months of housing

56% Employment Skills Training

  • Provided 124 man-months of apprenticeship training in:

    • Home rehab
    • Commercial Cleaning
    • Commercial Lawn Care
    • Auto Mechanics
    • Machining Trades
    • Inventory/Logistics Management
"A lot of people want to do ministry work and operate a training program, but they don’t have the skills to do it. Perry is a master mechanic. Because of his intense Love of the Lord and his heart to give men skills, especially construction skills; I wanted to be a part of supporting his ministry T.R.Y.

One of the great programs T.R.Y. has is collecting donated items and providing families with gifts from their incarcerated fathers. I often tell the story of a man I know who went home after his sentence and asked about a gift in the house, and his son said, ‘Well Dad, you gave it to me.’

When I sent a friend over with a few things to donate for the program, she returned and said, ‘There is nothing in the house! No furniture, nothing!’ Everything Perry was doing, he was doing for somebody else. We sent some furniture over to try and get things going at the house, and that’s when I realized that T.R.Y. needs extra homes to rehab. I provided funds to T.R.Y. to purchase four homes for the training program.

T.R.Y. has an amazing training program, but their most powerful message is the love of Jesus Christ. Perry holds Bible Studies and travels with T.R.Y. men to other churches looking for those that need help. His heart to share the Gospel and train men is exceptionally unique. T.R.Y. is helping men help themselves."

Dave Baker, Nail Print Ministries