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Working for Funds

T.R.Y. has developed several businesses to help earn funding, including; Commercial Cleaning, Seasonal & Clutter Cleaning, Lawn Care and Home Remodeling/Rehabbing. We produce quality results in a timely manner with staff and successful clients.

Let's Work Together

To support our clients in finding employment, we network with Akron-area businesses and organizations to promote and demonstrate that individuals who graduate from our program make responsible, hard working employees.

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"There is no connection between the Suburban churches and the inner city work that needs done. Perry Clark is ‘Johnny-on-the-spot’ who builds relationships with other ministries that share a similar mission to reach out and serve.

As a partner in the building of the Kingdom of God, we need qualified help that is honest, prompt and able. The men and women who graduate from T.R.Y. are certified as being just that.

My ministry needed service. We had a woman with a broken down house and soul. She was depressed and needed so much help. Her house was falling down around her. Even though funding was meager, Perry found a way to help lift her spirits. With the help of his skilled crew, T.R.Y. not only disinfected, renovated, carpeted, painted and provided the electrical and plumbing services for her home, but they treated this woman with tender loving care.

We’ve been involved with Perry and T.R.Y. for about 12 years now. It’s good to have an organization that will provide you with a resource you can depend on. Truly Reaching You is one of those resources.

Henry S. Richard Jr. (Hank Richard), Chairman of the Board, Kingdom Builders