T.R.Y. Services

Working for Funds

T.R.Y. men have developed several businesses to help earn funding, including; Commercial Cleaning, Seasonal & Clutter Cleaning, Lawn Care and Home Remodeling/Rehabbing. We produce quality results in a timely manner with staff and successful clients.

Let's Work Together

To support our clients in finding employment, we network with Akron-area businesses and organizations to promote and demonstrate that individuals who graduate from our program make responsible, hard working employees.

"Truly Reaching You is so much a part of our life at the Church of the Holy Spirit. Theyve ministered to us in many ways and we've been able to bless them in many ways. Its very much a reciprocal relationship.

T.R.Y. is always available for spur of the moment needs. They take care of our ministry house, keeping it clean, plowing the sidewalks and mowing our grass. They are always dependable and they do a great job helping out with our food and lunch ministries as well as unloading trucks and bringing food into the church. We share our ministries and have a program together called Freedom 1 and Freedom 2. We meet together for bible study and discipleship.

The one thing Ive noticed that distinguishes T.R.Y. apart from others is the spirit in which they do the work. They bring so much joy to the room and are always excited to be helping out. We have a single woman facing several medical problems, and without request, the T.R.Y. men mowed her overgrown yard. She was brought to tears from their generosity.

Reverend Scott Souders, Church of the Holy Spirit