Donation-Based Service

Partner to Serve the Community and Meet Organizational Needs

Services connected with donations are a great way for T.R.Y. to link arms with other organizations to increase the effectiveness of serving the community.


  • A church has the general need for manpower during the week but its members aren't available. However, the church has food drives, available office space, adopt-a-family at Christmas or funds to donate.
  • A community organization knows an elderly or disabled person in need of home maintenance/repair but doesn't have enough funds to hire a contractor. T.R.Y. will partner with the community organization by adding manpower and materials to the partner's funds to complete the project.
  • A restaurant has food for lunches and periodically needs fliers distributed.

"OPEN M has been involved with T.R.Y. since early 2008. We benefit from T.R.Y. on a regular basis with their positive attitude and the assistance they provide to doctors, nurses and clients in the parking lot during our hot lunch program starting 3rd Monday of every month through the end of the month and Night Time health clinics on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

T.R.Y. men go beyond the call of duty by helping volunteers clean up after the lunches and assisting those coming in and out of the clinic by loading cars or with anything else they might need. They will also be heavily involved in our special event, Take a Loved one to the Doctor Day, which provides free health screenings for the community.

We’ve been fortunate to have the resources to provide support for T.R.Y. men as well. On occasion some of the men come to our emergency food pantry, and those that help at our hot lunch are able to eat when they are here. Our clinic has taken on some of the T.R.Y. men as patients for free medical help, and on a few cases, we’ve been able to give them referral help and positive reinforcement. We’d like to do this more often if the men are looking for other opportunities.

We appreciate that T.R.Y. men are always very kind, hospitable and a great encouragement to the clients, doctors, nurses and everyone else they meet. They’ve also been a real inspiration to a lot of our clients from the standpoint of their attitude and perseverance. As reliable, responsible and extremely polite men, I highly recommend T.R.Y. to any organization as a positive benefit to their work.”

David King, Operations Manager, OPEN M