T.R.Y. Together.

T.R.Y. focuses on partnerships with faith and community-based organizations.

Through faith and supportive programming, T.R.Y. members have proactively demonstrated their dedication to make healthy changes in their lives. With your help, we reduce the amount of crime and violence within our communities by creating positive opportunities for those rejoining society.

Partnering with T.R.Y. Ministries will help create sustainable development within your community. Together, we give people and the community a second chance.

Churches & Ministries

Access to Care (Open M location)
Akron Area Eutopia Report, SD Myers
Christ is the Answer
Heart to Heart Family Counseling
Kingdom Builders
M.P.G.T. Church of God
Nail Print Ministries
Perfecting Saints Heart to Heart Ministries, Inc.
Prison Chaplains
Shiloh Baptist Church
St. Ashworth Temple, COGIC
Way Out Ministries

Commercial & Government

Access to Recovery (ODADAS)
Adam Klein Seafood
Christy Grant Photography
J. Honsberger & Company
N.E.O.C.S. (Dr. Roger Chaffee)
Parole/Probation Department Officers
Talk of the Town
University of Akron School of Law (Women's Law Association)

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