Community Service

Giving Back

We take the initiative within communities to develop a better understanding of humanity and a renewed appreciation for life. T.R.Y. works with probation officers, employers and community partners to facilitate community service opportunities for their clients. Supporting one another through volunteering and relationship building in the community helps T.R.Y. clients strengthen their faith and compassion for others while giving back to their communities.


  • Demonstrating that healthy relationships are possible
  • Building relationships with those men and women who are willing to make transformation and change
  • Building relationships with others by giving back to the community
  • Community service for churches
  • Fundraising
  • Leading and serving outreach initiatives (Angel Tree, National Night-Out Against Crime, Neighbor Day)
  • Helping those in need in our communities
  • Team with OpenM Ministry to help give food to needy, support with Lunch Program and parking lot attendants for evening Health Clinic