Transitional Housing & Home Ownership

A New Beginning

Stable, drug-free transitional housing provides a supportive and controlled environment for T.R.Y. clients to live together for six to twelve months, recover and build new relationships based on trust, fellowship and love.

T.R.Y. guides these men and women in building their own healthy support network by providing an interim, family-oriented environment and a provision of basic needs, resources or referrals for food, shelter, clothing and health care. Transitional housing includes a 30-day coping period, weekly bible studies and group devotions, community services and housekeeping responsibilities to maintain a model home.

T.R.Y. also prepares families for reconnection even before these men and women reenter the community by providing directed family assistance.


  • Structured family environment
  • Curfews and accountability for how time is used
  • Attend weekly group Devotion and In-House Bible Study
  • Participate in Christ-Centered Recovery Program
  • Fellowship in home church on Sunday morning
  • Minimum of 15 hours community service each month
  • Financial accountability and budgeting training
  • Discipline, behavior, grooming and appearance to promote a healthy and safe living environment
  • Maintain a clean and organized model home
  • Demonstrating that healthy relationships are possible

Home Ownership

  • Men and women who complete our Transitional Housing and Employment Skills Training (or connected to a Strategic Partner) have the opportunity to own a home
  • A couple earning $20 per hour cannot afford more than $400/month for housing, insurance and real estate taxes
  • Our client is responsible for assisting the rehab efforts