Need TRY’s help? We’re here with a hand up (but not a handout) for all in need.

TRY’s highly effective program is developed for each participant on a case-by-case basis, therefore time in the program varies from man to man. Review this information if you or someone you know or love might benefit from our services.

Through a healthy network and hands-on programming guided by Christian principles, TRY helps men who are:

  • Reentering community after incarceration
  • Cycling in and out of the court system
  • In recovery from addiction or substance abuse
  • Willing to do the work needed to return to both family and community

TRY’s reentry program includes the following services:

  • Family style transitional housing
  • Clothing and basic needs
  • Peer Recovery Support/mentoring
  • Transportation
  • Hands-on employment skills training
  • New or renewed accountability
  • Strengthened relationships
  • Life skills training
  • GED/high school equivalency support
  • Job and housing searches
  • Community service

To ensure the strongest outcomes, we require:

  • 30-90 day coping period
  • Daily quiet time and journaling
  • Community living environment
  • Peer Recovery Support
  • Job seeking and maintained employment
  • Bible study and Sunday worship
  • Regular community service

And, until permanent employment is secured, we require participation in the following employment training tracks:

  • Lawncare and landscaping
  • Commercial cleaning
  • Housing rehab and construction
  • Warehouse logistics and inventory


Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need more information or would like to talk — we’re here.