Happy Father’s Day!

Today we celebrate and support our “new” dads!

For 20 years (this year!) Truly Reaching You has been successfully reuniting men with their families. This is an essential element of our mission and ministry, made possible by YOU.

Your support has allowed TRY to build a highly effective program that helps men reenter community in a healthy way, after years spent in prison cells or in the chaos of addiction — or both. TRY provides the tools they need to maintain sobriety, to prepare for (and gain) employment, and importantly, to rebuild relationships — especially with their children!

Pictured below: Our founder, Perry Clark, poses with his children during a visit in 1994 while he was serving 10 years “on the inside”. Now, 25 years later, he enjoys spending time with family and playing an active role in the lives of his grandchildren.

This Father’s Day we celebrate men in the TRY community who are enjoying healthier relationships as a result of our reentry program, as well as those currently working to restore them.
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