Warehouse Renovation Progress

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This time last year, we were working to raise enough funds to replace the leaking roof on our newly donated warehouse. Thanks to our partners and generous donors, the space has transformed into an active hub for our Employment Skills Training Program.

Check out what what’s been accomplished since July: (pictures below)

The dysfunctional garage doors and man door have been replaced, with an added benefit of improving the exterior appearance. All new energy efficient lighting was installed with motion sensors for each section. Commercial metal racking and custom built wooden racks were built to maximize storage. A forklift was very generously donated and has already been used to fill the racking with organizing bins. A 60 gallon, flammable materials, storage cabinet now safely stores gasoline for the lawn equipment. Permanent posts and removable railing were installed along the west garage bay for the safety.

All this and we’re just getting started! Our architect partner is drawing up plans for the next step, which includes new bathrooms with showers, a locker room, and meeting space.

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