Danny: from Lost to Challenged

“(Before TRY I was) in prison for 10 years for a crime that I don’t know if I actually committed or not. I was a lost soul trying to find a way in life. (In TRY) it has been very challenging and structured and helped me to gradually become a member of society. I work for TRY now, I love working with people that are like me and I love the challenges it presents on a daily basis. I couldn’t ask for a better living situation. My family is very proud I have come so far in such a short time.”

Before TRY, I was Lost                       In TRY, I was Trying                    Now, I am Challenged 

Danny started drinking as a child and doing drugs as a teenager. Sobering up never lasted long. It was a seven-year drinking binge and countless blackouts that finally ended with a 10-year prison term.

Danny came to TRY in 2017 straight from ‘‘the inside.’’ His past life of chaos and hurting others, followed by 10 years removed from society, meant a major adjustment and overcoming a financial nightmare. After months of reorienting to a healthy lifestyle, TRY staff worked with Danny to set up a budget and payments to tackle each debt. Piece by piece, Danny has built a new life of sobriety, good citizenship, and faithful service. As a full time employee of TRY, he now takes the daily challenge of leading a crew. With a newfound joy, Danny lights up our office with his smile.


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