Randy: from Hopeless to Renewed

“My life before TRY was chaotic. I had destroyed any relationships that had any meaning. I was trapped in a vicious cycle of drug & alcohol addiction, spiraling out of control. TRY provided a safe place for healing. Healing of my mind, body, and spirit. TRY gave me the necessary tools to live a productive, healthy life. The work I do today is fulfilling, challenging, and a way for me to contribute to society. My living situation is a stable, healthy environment. Many of the relationships that had been destroyed due to my confusion have been restored, or are being restored. But most important is that those that haven’t been restored I can know that I’ve done all I can.”

Before TRY, I was Hopeless                                In TRY, I was Challenged                                  Now, I am Renewed

Randy came to Truly Reaching You in 2010, looking for a way out of the downward spiral his life was taking. He joined staff as a changed man in 2012. He worked diligently for a couple of years leading other struggling men through the program. TRY fully supported his decision when the opportunity arose for Randy to move to North Carolina to be near his children and grandchildren and continue to rebuild those relationships.

This past summer Randy was looking for a new job and TRY was in need of an experienced leader to manage job skills training crews.  So, eight years after completing TRY’s program, Randy returned to Akron to become our Lawn Care & Logistics Manager. His dedication to his family takes him back to North Carolina a weekend per month.

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